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Ecks, also known as Subject 437, is a relatively tall woman with patchwork skin in various human and inhuman flesh tones. Her expression is blank and her voice toneless whenever she is not making a particular effort to mimic the emotional expressions of others; while she is not entirely emotionless, her emotions are poorly developed and rarely expressed. She dresses in drab gray leather armor designed for camouflage, and carries a rapier.

Subject 437 was not the first flesh golem created by the servants of the God of Madness. She was, however, the first flesh golem upon which they were able to bestow sapience. She initially knew no world outside the Fleshworks, no life outside her role as a test case, until she proved intelligent and quick enough to be trained for other uses. She took to reconnaissance and murder like a duck to water, but soon -- sooner than her creators realized -- she began to think critically about the world and her place in it. She struggled (still struggles) to conceptualize right and wrong, but soon began to formulate a set of rules by which she could live while acting in a manner she considered correct. She renamed herself in secret, calling herself Ecks (it is her favorite letter and mouth-sound). At the age of two years old, she simply disappeared when sent out on an assignment, choosing to set out into the unknown rather than go on doing her creators' work.

[Ecks is an OC from a tabletop game, presented here for general DWRP funtimes.]
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